At Jonah Law, we offer strategic advice on a full range of corporate immigration matters. We understand that UK immigration law can seem daunting and bewildering; our business is all about supporting you through all corporate immigration matters. 

We offer tailored advice and guidance to help clients through the entire complexities of sponsored employment, whether it is an application for sponsorship licence, obtaining a certificate of sponsorship or a skilled worker visa. We place our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do; we will support you throughout the process.

Sponsor Licence and Skilled Worker Visa

Any business in the UK wishing to hire employees from abroad will need to obtain a sponsor licence from Home Office's UK and Visa Immigration Section.

We specialise in making sponsor licence applications for businesses.  We will prepare the application and provide   ongoing advice and support throughout the application process.

 We will review your human resource systems to ensure they are complaint. We will assist in collating  your supporting documents for the sponsorship licence application. 

We will advice on the measures that would need to be put in place to ensure that you comply with your ongoing  sponsorship licence obligations.

We also prepare and submit Skilled worker visa applications for your employees. 

Immigration audit and Human resources support

All UK employers have an obligation to prevent illegal working. The Home Office's UK and Visa Immigration Section at some stage will most certainly visit businesses to ensure that they are fully compliant with the law on prevention of illegal working.  

At Jonah Law, our experts are at hand to ensure that you have the systems and human resources practices in place to enable you to meet your employer’s legal responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working as well as other related immigration laws.

Our audit service is designed to meet your business needs, you may elect to outsource the compliance to ourselves or we can offer ongoing support to your human resources department to ensure that you are fully compliant and avoid fines as a result of non-compliance.

Right to work training 

All companies are obligated under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 to check and retain evidence of each employees right to work in the UK.  

At Jonah Law we can provide your business with right to work consultancy services, which will cover 

1. A review of your recruitment processes paying particular attention to your  personnel records to ensure that they have the legal right to work in the UK.

2.  Training your staff on how to conduct right to works checks and record keeping ensuring you prevent illegal working 

  If you require help, visit our contact page and book an appointment.