A Home Office Travel document is used for travel by persons who  are unable to obtain a travel document from the country of origin. There four types of UK travel document  which can be applied for in the UK. 

The type that one is eligible is determined by your immigration status in the UK. Applicants should apply for the appropriate Travel document online and submit their supporting documents.

Basic eligibility for a Travel Document (subject to providing other mandatory documents) is noted as follows:

If you have Refugee Status, you are eligible to apply for  the 1951 UN Convention Travel Document (Blue)  

If you have a stateless person visa under the 1954 UN Convention for the Stateless Status , you are eligible to apply for  the 1954 UN Convention Travel Document (Red) “Stateless Person’s Document “- 

If you are a foreigner planning to voluntarily leave the UK permanently, who doesn’t have a valid passport/travel document to be able do so, you are eligible to apply for the One-Way Document (IS137) 

 If you have been rejected on your passport application from your home authorities, you  are eligible to apply for the Certificate of Travel (Black)

How we can help 

We can assist and advise you on the appropriate travel document based on your circumstances.

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