Certain citizens are exempt from requiring a visit visa before coming to the UK. Instead they can apply on arrival. Such citizens are commonly called non-visa nationals. 

On the other hand, Appendix Visitor of the Immigration Rules contains the visa national list. Citizens within this list are required to obtain a visa prior to visiting the UK. 

There are currently four types of visitor visas.

  • Standard UK visitor visa
  • Marriage and civil partnership visitor visa
  • Transit visitor visa
  • Permitted paid engagement visitor

An application must be made while the applicant is outside the UK. An applicant may fully sponsor their own visit or may rely on third party support.

The applicant need to provide evidence that they meet the requirements for the rules of a visitor. The home office will assess whether  the applicant  meets the suitability requirements and ascertain whether the visitor is genuine and credible. They will also seek to establish whether the visitor can maintain and accommodate themselves.

The visit visor is usually valid for 6 months. In some instances it may be longer but on each occasion the visitor is not permitted to stay longer than six months at one given visit

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